The radiology department consists of a group of specialists with clear and realistic objectives, who collaborate with the growth of the company, bringing solutions, products and supplies from the Bayer AG brand, used in all modern x-ray techniques, magnetic resonance imaging, including conventional radiography, angiography and computed tomography to diagnostic imaging centers.

We offer advisory, trainings and clinical applications focused on the implementation of new technologies.


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Logo Bayer
Logo Bayer

Bayer is a multinational company with more than 150 years of history, with key competences in the fields of health and agriculture. As an innovation company, Bayer sets trends in areas of intensive research. With the well-being of patients in mind and in order to improve their life quality, Bayer developed comprehensive services to achieve greater efficiency and provide more accurate diagnoses.

Bayer Radiology offers a wide range of equipment and contrast media for computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and hemodynamics. It also has ongoing training programs with leading opinion leaders worldwide.