Committed to the compliance with Law N° 9699 “Liability of legal entities on domestic and transnational bribes and other crimes”, Law N°7476 “Law against sexual harassment in employment and education” and its reforms, global anticorruption laws and our own policies on antibribery and anticorruption, nondiscrimination, rejection of all types of harassment and our general ethical codes we provide you with mechanisms to file your complaints.


You may file your complaint via email to or through this webform. Complaints may be filed providing your personal information or anonymously as per the indications below.


We take complaints seriously, which is also why we must point out that false or malicious complaints will also be handled according to the law and regulations.



Complaint form

Anonymous complaints can only be pursued if they show sufficient elements to assume a violation has been committed and enough evidence has been submitted that will allow an investigation to be conducted in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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